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Meet The Team

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Ever wonder what the faces behind your favorite podcast shows look like? This is your chance to get to know the amazing talent behind your favorite programs. Whether you’d like to get to know all of us or you want to talk to someone in particular, please read our bios and find out why we’re the greatest podcast network crew you’ll ever meet.

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P's Intuition
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Born & raised in Greensboro, North Carolina. Growing up around close to the older generation of my family I learned early on true meaning of life/ family values!! At the early age of 9 my mom as well as myself realized I had a “gift”… discernment to see the future. Some of my family have this “gift” as well; however we share it in different ways. I provide spiritual guidance and clarity through my intuitiveness and oracle cards. 

I’ve been doing private readings for 5 years and I started P’s Intuition 4 years ago! When I’m not providing spiritual guidance, I’m doing what I love most, Mommying and caring for my family/ loved ones!!!

Please contact me for intuitive guidance 

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Royal  aka RG
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The broadcast industry is Royal's passion in Detroit, Michigan. Simplee Sportz is where you can find him discussing the latest news while engaging in social interactions with his colleagues. As the founder of"40 & Still Gaming “since 2018, Royal has always found comfort within the entertainment realm as a Pro-Gamer on YouTube, where he makes video games pay for themselves. With a background in talk and entertainment radio, he was deemed the “Most Entertaining Air Talent “at Howard School of Broadcast Arts and the Midnight Air Talent for 98FM WKCQ during 2002-2003. Royal has always taken an interest in going where no man has gone before, which is evident when he's on the air. And please let it be known-Royal is a Star Wars fanatic.

Mike aka 1Mic
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Since 2009, Mike had always taken a keen interest in poetry. It opened his eyes to reach an audience with word placement and sophisticated timing that has awarded him many opportunities. These performances included areas like Chicago, Indiana, and Tennessee. While having the chance to travel, he was able to frequent venues such as the Music Hall Theatre in Detroit and the famous Cliff Bells Jazz Club! In 2020, he began his debut Radio Host career as part of the Simplee Sportz show’s dynamic trio alongside RG and Simplee Bree. Delivering creativity and his sharp, witty sense of humor, he fits in just right with a concrete goal-oriented mindset. Sports has always been a big key to Mike's growing up and the influences in the coaches and tutelage he has had from Basketball, Chess, football, to baseball. Mike would love to continue contributing to the youth in some capacity as a sports coach soon.

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Rony Francois aka The Credit Hero
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-Bio Coming Soon-

Alan M. Newman Jr. aka Quiet Storm
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-Bio Coming Soon-

Sabrina  aka Simplee Bree
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-Bio Coming Soon-

Re aka Re
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-Bio Coming Soon-

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