When on-air personality Simplee Bree first decided to make a difference in society, it was with the creation of her first show, "Dear Luv." Its purpose was to create a platform that would encourage people to be more transparent with their truths and not be afraid to share them with others. Living fearless, she launched the show in January 2020, and it was a success. ​But it wasn't enough. She wanted to help people find resources and solutions to their troubles and educate the mass on where things may have gone wrong, to begin with. Simplee Bree went back to the drawing board after taking "Dear Luv" off the airwaves and came back with an even better idea. 


On May 16th, 2020, she created the "He Said What?!" Radio Show. What made this stand out from any other is the unique approach to helping both men and women by hosting a male-only guest show. Men are allowed to answer questions and transparently on topics; many want to break down from their perspectives to aid women in their situations. But Simplee Bree didn't just stop there. After only being live for approximately a month, she transferred her "Truth Serum," show which had only been accessible through Instagram live, onto her platform. On "The Truth Serum," hosted by Simplee Bree and her co-host Tasha, this show offers responses from both a male and female perspective on a range of personal topics to promote healthy conversations that are typically swept under the rug resulting in misunderstanding from both sides.


No show is the same, and neither are the experiences. Simplee Bree understood the movement she was creating was more extensive than just one show; it was her network. The "He Said What?" Radio Network was born shortly after, and it became "Home of Raw and Unfiltered Answers," with its listenership soaring through the roof. To date, the network has a total of three shows with the launch of its new sports talk launching September 7th, "Simplee Sportz," with hosts 1Mic, RG, and their co-host Simplee Bree. All sports shows are not made equal. What do you get when you two male sports fanatics and an intellectual female that does not watch sports in the same room with a microphone? An hour of laughter, education, and some real debatable conversations. "He Said What?!" Radio Network has something for everyone, and this is just the beginning of Raw and Unfiltered Answers.

Meet The Team

Alan Newman Jr.

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Dutch Shultz

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Engineer Moe

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Mike Johnson a.k.a “1 Mic”

Since 2009, Mike had always taken a keen interest in poetry. It opened his eyes to reach an audience with word placement and sophisticated timing that has awarded him many opportunities. These performances included areas like Chicago, Indiana, and Tenessee. While having the chance to travel, he was able to frequent venues such as the Music Hall Theatre in Detroit and the famous Cliff Bells Jazz Club! In 2020, he began his debut Radio Host career as part of the Simplee Sportz show’s dynamic trio alongside RG and Simplee Bree. Delivering creativity and his sharp, witty sense of humor, he fits in just right with a concrete goal-oriented mindset. Sports has always been a big key to Mike’s growing up and the influences in the coaches and tutelage he has had from Basketball, Chess, football, to baseball. Mike would love to continue contributing to the youth to some capacity as a sports coach in the near future.

Sabrina T. Wallace a.k.a. Simplee Bree

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Simplee Bree found her love in communication since a young teen growing up in Hartford, Connecticut, when she applied to writing contests online for publication. Her first official writing gig based in Hartford, CT, for a printed edition called “Committed Magazine” managed by DJ Drake, where she had the opportunity to interview artists like the Ying-Yang Twins, Baby Cham, and Nuttin’ But Stringz,” to name a few. This experience began in pursuit not only in writing but also in broadcasting. She joined “The Cyphers Den,” as well as the “A++” writing team shortly after settling in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2015. Her desire to contribute back to the community also had a warm place in her heart, which drove her interest in actively volunteering. “I have discovered my passion for helping those who might need a listening ear or a sense of guidance to become stronger the more involved I am within the community.” Bree is one of three hosts on “Simplee Sportz,” where she provides sports news, stats, and grain of intellect amongst the other strong minds RG and 1Mic. She is also the host on the “He Said What?!” Radio Show every Tuesday on “He Said What?!” and every Wednesday from 8-9 pm on the “Truth Serum” show. She is also a co-host on the Girls Who Brunch Tour’s State of Our Girls monthly panel discussion alongside Ni’Cola Mitchell. The guests like the Mako Girls, Tyla Abercrumbie, Kaliah Howard, and  Che Mack to name a few, shed light on identifying struggles young girls usually face while dealing with their dilemmas such as self-esteem, self-identity, and self-care. Bree also holds a seat on the non-profit organization’s National Chair Committee.

Royal Gaines II, a.k.a RG2 or RG

Based in Detroit, Michigan, Royal finds great pleasure in the broadcast industry. Every Monday on Simplee Sportz, you can find him discussing the current news while engaging in social conversations amongst his colleagues. As the founder of “40 & Still Gaming” since 2018, Royal has always found comfort within the entertainment realm as a Pro-Gamer on YouTube, where he makes video games pay for themselves. With a background in talk and entertainment radio, he was deemed the “Most Entertaining Air Talent” at Howard School of Broadcast Arts and the Midnight Air Talent for 98FM WKCQ during 2002-2003. Royal has always taken an interest in going where no man has gone before, which is evident when he’s on the air. And please let it be known - Royal is a Star Wars fanatic.

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