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About Us

Simplee Bree launched Dear Luv in December of 2019 as a program to encourage people to be open and honest with their experiences and not to be afraid to tell others about them. In this period, she was inspired to make a positive difference in society by creating this program to address depression that often occurs around the holidays. When her show premiered live in January 2020, it was a resounding success. In addition to her guests' specializing in Psychology, Therapy and Social Counseling, Bree was able to relate directly to the situations presented by her anonymous callers as her guests helped to identify what they were going through. She achieved remarkable success by taking risks, living fearlessly, and launching her show. However, it wasn't the only achievement of her career. Therefore, she inspired people to find solutions and resources for their problems. Further, she wished to educate them about the causes of the problems they face daily. In April 2020, during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Simplee Bree had to come up with an even better idea when "Dear Luv" was taken off the airwaves. It was not only necessary for her to find a way to revamp so that her guests and audience would be accommodated, but she was also aware of the adverse effects of quarantining.


The network's first podcast, "He Said What," was released on May 16th, 2020. The podcast was distinctly designed, which set it apart from other programs. The program included a male-only guest show that benefited both men and women at the same time. It was evident to Simplee Bree that many men felt compelled to breakdown their perspectives and offer support to women undergoing unfortunate circumstances by being transparent and responding to their questions. For women to understand why men say, think, and act the way they do, we as women may benefit from taking notes about such behavior in order to improve our communication.” Nevertheless, Bree did not stop there. A little over a month after being live, she transferred her "Truth Serum" show, which was previously available only through Instagram live, onto her platform. In the Truth Serum, hosted by Simplee Bree with co-host Tasha, unbiased discussion and responses were provided about a range of personal topics, promoting healthy discussions that were usually swept under the rug leading to misunderstandings on both sides. In addition to the differences between the male and female guests, this show caused a buzz among the audience.


"He Said What Radio Network," stands out from the rest in terms of versatility. Simplee Bree conducted a search for two hosts for her upcoming sports show in October of 2020. Little did she realize that this would become a family affair. RG and 1Mic stepped up to the plate on their own accord - Simplee Bree would have to join the dynamic duo. In response to an offer she could not refuse, the trio quickly took over the digital airwaves as an audio-based sports program. However, this was not the typical sports show. On every Monday, there was a discussion topic followed by an outro segment titled "Mic'ism" in which an idiom was remixed to either provide humor or motivation to the audience.


Even with The Truth Serum, He Said What, and Simplee Sportz, Bree felt the network still lacked something. A spiritual perspective. As Bree can recall, she once received a reading from a Spiritual Medium by the name of P's Intuition. She could recall being advised during that reading around March of 2020 that a time would come when she would become the owner of her own network. Eventually, this came to fruition in March of 2021 when Simplee Bree offered P a position as host of her very own show on the network. While Bree was presenting this offer, she reminded P that when she received a reading, she mentioned that when Bree obtained her own network, P would be able to host her own program. After accepting Bree's offer, P became the new member of the "He Said What Network," delivering free readings live to her audience.


In Bree's opinion, it tasted like her grandmother's favorite pie and was enticing, but something else was lacking. The perspective of a woman! Bree took to the online streets in search of a host that could not only bring out the truth in all women, but also truly understand where the women were coming from. A white glove experience. Bree recalled the guest she had on the "He Said What" show who fit the bill to a t. In April 2021, Bree welcomed her newest team member to the family, Alan Newman Jr. who was appointed as the host of “She Said What,” which broadcast live on Wednesday evenings. Every show matched perfectly. Several shows had been tried by the network prior to this, but they did not have the same fit as it did at this point.

In September, 2022 when the team returned from their vacation, a new finance show titled "The Credit Lab with both "He Said What" and "She Said What" hosts merged together to bring the perspectives of both men and women under one roof with the "He Said What" Podcast. This show airs live every Wednesday 8-9PM ET with Simplee Bree and Alan Newman Jr as their audience engages every step of the way.

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