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Mission Statement

We at He Said What Network believe that communication between Black men and women is essential to our survival. Because we haven't communicated, our relationships have suffered. As a team, we strive to acknowledge, repair, and share hurts from the past and the present.

Although everyone is not in a relationship, they all need the same essential tools to interact with others on a day-to-day basis. To inspire our audience to live life unclouded with better understanding and to bridge the communication gap through our podcast, we strive to connect individuals and communities. Our shows provide enlightenment through spirituality, sports coverage, financial awareness, and relationship-focused discussions. This presents the opportunity to dialogue with the men and women of "He Said What Network" so that we can encourage acceptance of different perspectives.    

 Podcasting Network

Show Schedule

Our emphasis is on providing resources, encouragement, and determination to boost the morale of the Black community in all its facets. We would love to continue to provide the tools and conversations that empower the worst to become the finest. You can support the He Said What Network by engaging with our team through all social media platforms and by getting involved in our live discussions. What are you doing to increase the level of healthy consciousness within your Black community?

Sundays @ 11:30 AM ET

Let's Connect with P's Intuition

Whether you believe in the spirit world or even a higher being, everyone has questions about the unknown they would like answers to. This could be a career change, development of a relationship, or just guidance on where you currently are in life. Our spiritual guide, P's Intuition, uses her ability of intuitive and oracle reading, to provide feedback on what can be seen and felt beyond the physical being.


Mondays @ 8PM ET

Simplee Sportz

What are you doing on Mondays at 8PM ET? Do you like Sports coverage mixed with banter, comedy, and some unexpected twists? Why not tune into Simplee Sportz with your hosts 1Mic & RG as they deliver more than sports news. At the end of each episode, you won’t want to miss the infamous Mic’isms which are guaranteed gut puncher! Tune in LIVE and become a part of the show.


Tuesdays @ 6  PM ET
The Credit Lab Podcast

Tune in LIVE on Tuesdays 6 PM ET to “The Credit Podcast,” hosted by Your Favorite Credit Hero Rony Francois streaming live.
This show is designed to help bring financial and credit awareness into the Black Community. We have failed due to a lack of resources, knowledge, and the will to make a change. Join Rony and be the change you want for our current and upcoming generations.


Wednesdays @ 8 PM ET
He Said What

You can watch  Alan Newman Jr., Simplee Bree, and Royal Gaines II on the "He Said What" show every Wednesdays from 8:00 PM ET - 9:00 PM ET, which looks at these difficult topics from both a black male and female perspective as well as holding one another accountable for your actions. In this LIVE session, they get down to the nitty gritty - some topics will have you on the edge of your seat, yet at the end of the day, they will help remove layers of dead weight to promote more healthy conversations throughout all levels of relationships. 


Thursdays @ 8 PM ET
One Mic Stand

When it comes to the Creative Arts industry, a lot of talent can easily be overlooked in the midst of its heavily populated community. That is where your host, One Mic (@OI_Am_1_Mic) comes into play. Tune in every Thursday evening from 8-9 PM ET as he interviews different artists, creatives, and amazing people to walk the earth as he digs into the crafts poured daily. If given one mic, would you have a story to tell or would you just stand in stage fright?

Saturdays @ 8 PM ET
A Frank Conversation

Imagine that you combine a world renowned interviewer with some of the most successful guests. Then broadcast them on a platform geared towards bridging the gap between black men and women. You can watch "A Frank Conversation" with your host Ezel Moon (@ezelmoon_) every Saturday at 8-9PM ET on the He Said What Network. These interviews are unlike anything you've ever seen before. Watch Ezel discuss what it takes to obtain the accolades your favorite household names have earned and listen directly to what it takes to reach them.

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