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The "He Said What?!" Radio Network provides a platform that inspires its listeners to live life transparently and adapts to the lifestyle by understanding and improving communication using various entertainment types sides.


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"Studio Vibez" is an all-new show on the, "He Said What?! Radio Network," dedicated to supporting music from Independent Artists globally! 

Every Tuesday starting at 7:30PM ET, tune in to hear our artist of the week's hottest 3 joints and find out a little more about how they got started!

Do you want to find out how to have your music showcased? Head over to the Studio Vibez page and follow the instructions there for more information.


When on-air personality Simplee Bree first decided to make a difference in society, it was with the creation of her first show, "Dear Luv." Its purpose was to create a platform that would encourage people to be more transparent with their truths and not be afraid to share them with others. Living fearless, she launched the show in January 2020, and it was a success. ​But it wasn't enough. She wanted to help people find resources and solutions to their troubles and educate the mass on where things may have gone wrong, to begin with. Simplee Bree went back to the drawing board after taking "Dear Luv" off the airwaves and came back with an even better idea. 



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