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HSWN: He Said What Network is a platform that brings together different perspectives from around the world and encourages acceptance through open dialogue. We believe that everyone has their own unique story to share and that by listening, understanding, and respecting one another, we can create a more compassionate and understanding world. Our podcasts are designed to offer a safe space for people to share their perspectives, gain knowledge, and grow together. Our emphasis at the He Said What Network is on providing resources, encouragement, and determination to boost the community's morale in all its facets. We would love to continue providing tools and conversations to help those at the bottom become the best. He Said What Network uses its platform to bridge the gap in communication between men and women.



Our Platform Covers​

Spirituality | Sports & Entertainment | Credit & Finance Awareness | Relationships & Black Culture | Creative Arts & Music | Womanhood

Past Topics

  • Athlete Most Likely to Switch Teams

  • How to Make Your Health a Priority

  • Disputing Late Payments

  • Is Your Love Unconditional?

  • Worst Coaches in Sports History
  • What are you thankful for (reading)

  • Ways to live your best life



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