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Mission Statement

We at He Said What Network believe that communication between Black men and women is essential to our survival. Because we haven't communicated, our relationships have suffered. As a team, we strive to acknowledge, repair, and share hurts from the past and the present.

Although everyone is not in a relationship, they all need the same essential tools to interact with others on a day-to-day basis. To inspire our audience to live life unclouded with better understanding and to bridge the communication gap through our podcast, we strive to connect individuals and communities. Our shows provide enlightenment through spirituality, sports coverage, financial awareness, and relationship-focused discussions. This presents the opportunity to dialogue with the men and women of "He Said What Network" so that we can encourage acceptance of different perspectives.    Our emphasis is on providing resources, encouragement, and determination to boost the morale of the Black community in all its facets. We would love to continue to provide the tools and conversations that empower the worst to become the finest. You can support the He Said What Network by engaging with our team through all social media platforms and by getting involved in our live discussions. 
What are you doing to increase the level of healthy consciousness within your Black community?

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